Friday, April 18, 2008

My first posting

This is my very first posting to my blog. As I type words, my typing fingers begin to feel a mild level of tension. Nervous? Yes, but it is not a bad nervousness. May I call it "eu-nerverousness"?

I am thinking that this blog should offer me an opportunity for daily or weekly or even monthly reflections of my life and share my stories with others. I have been talking about my life with others, but I have not written any of my thought pieces in papers or Microsoft Word program. Perhaps, this blog may offer me some trails of my thoughts as I am about to make important transitions in my life.

I recently resigned my dream job as an Associate Professor at Indiana University. I earned tenure a few years ago. To tell you the truth, it wasn't an easy thing to earn tenure at Indiana University. You really have to work very hard! However, I also realized the fact that it wasn't very hard to give it up, either.

When you find a new passion, you don't really want to keep old one. They cannot co-exist (at least in my case). I had to put my old passion in the trash in order to follow a new passion. So the transitioins I just mentioned above mean radical changes in my life.

I am compelled to examine myself in this new journey and write some thoughts in this process. One experienced blogger Brian Moffatt offered me some good principles associated with blogging:

"... As a writer, I love sitting down to blog. When I start a post I have no idea where I'm headed. I love that freedom. I do write otherwise. With outlines and plans. Strategies. But blog writing is like going off for a walk with no predetermined finish time or route, sometimes the walk is through the fields, sometimes along the streets... I rarely reread my posts. Hence the tremendous number of typos and grammatical errors. But for me, that's okay. I'm not the most anal person in the world. But it's very much what I look for elsewhere. The flaw. The scar. The fingerprint. The idiosyncratic. The weirded-out turn of phrase. Something close to the hearth where the meat burns in an instant and leaves your face all warm for a bit. I love reading something I've written and thinking 'geez who wrote that?'..."

While I am still in Bloomington, Indiana, and need to give final exams for the students in two graduate courses next week, my stories will begin from here. I am excited! Really!

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